Biotabs Bactrex 50 g – Product Description

Biotabs Bactrex 50 g – Product Description

Are you looking for a natural and effective way to boost the growth of your plants? Look no further! Biotabs Bactrex 50 g is the perfect solution for all your gardening needs. This innovative product is designed to enhance plant growth and improve soil health, ensuring that your plants thrive and flourish.

Benefits of Biotabs Bactrex 50 g

Biotabs Bactrex 50 g is packed with beneficial microorganisms that work in harmony with your plants. These microorganisms help to break down organic matter in the soil, releasing essential nutrients that are vital for plant growth. By using Biotabs Bactrex 50 g, you can expect:

  • Increased nutrient uptake
  • Improved root development
  • Enhanced resistance to diseases and pests
  • Stronger and healthier plants

How does Biotabs Bactrex 50 g work?

Biotabs Bactrex 50 g contains a unique blend of beneficial bacteria and fungi that colonize the root zone of your plants. These microorganisms form a symbiotic relationship with the roots, creating a mutually beneficial environment. The bacteria help to convert organic matter into plant-available nutrients, while the fungi improve nutrient absorption and protect the roots from pathogens.


1. How often should I use Biotabs Bactrex 50 g?

We recommend using Biotabs Bactrex 50 g during the initial stages of plant growth and then as a regular maintenance treatment. Follow the instructions provided for best results.

2. Can Biotabs Bactrex 50 g be used in all types of soil?

Yes, Biotabs Bactrex 50 g is suitable for use in all types of soil, including potting soil, garden soil, and hydroponic systems.

3. Is Biotabs Bactrex 50 g safe for the environment?

Yes, Biotabs Bactrex 50 g is made from natural ingredients and is safe for the environment. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or synthetic additives.


Biotabs Bactrex 50 g is a game-changer for plant enthusiasts. With its unique blend of beneficial microorganisms, this product promotes healthy plant growth and improves soil health. Say goodbye to chemical fertilizers and hello to a natural and sustainable solution for your gardening needs. Try Biotabs Bactrex 50 g today and witness the amazing results for yourself!