DreamGYM Hammock Swing – Therapy Swing – Sensory Swing for Adults and Children – Calm Violet

DreamGYM Hammock Swing – Therapy Swing – Sensory Swing for Adults and Children – Calm Violet

Relaxation and Comfort at the Highest Level

A gorgeous, airy hammock swing is a must-have for home and porch relaxation. DreamGYM’s soft polyester rope hammock chair conforms to your body position while the breathable netting material offers maximum relaxation. This highly comfortable design offers relaxation and comfort at the highest level. It conforms to your needs whether you want to sit up or lay way back.


Your DreamGYM therapy hammock swing comes with two large snap hooks for easy installation. Hang it on your porch, attach it to the ceiling, or add it to an existing doorway support bar. This hammock swing is also portable, so you can take it on camping trips and hang it between two trees.

Sensory Input

This Therapy Swing provides a feeling of womb-like safety and comfort. Parents will appreciate its ability to calm down and quiet overwhelmed tots on the verge of a tantrum. This net swing will give children the experience of being in a cocoon. Swaying develops the sense of balance, and hammock swings are often used in child therapy.

Sensory Swing for Adults

High weight capacity (up to 300lbs) and size (up to 7ft) of the hammock swing allow it to be used by adults for calming and relaxing input by providing vestibular stimulation. This sensory swing is often used in occupational therapy.


Set this hammock chair up on your porch, in your yard, or in your home and enjoy all year round.

Reinforced Loops

Two large stainless steel hammock loop protectors prevent wear and tear of the hammock fibers.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not absolutely delighted with your purchase, contact us and we will make it right. We stand behind our products.