Dry Aging Bags for Meat Vacuum Sealer – Create Dry Age Meat at Home

Dry Aging Bags for Meat Vacuum Sealer – Create Dry Age Meat at Home

Aging is the controlled meat maturation process based on the optimal moisture decrease method. The dry age bags are breathable, odor-resistant, and protect your meat from spoilage. They have been rigorously lab-tested for safety, quality, and effectiveness. Get this essential accessory for grilling, BBQ, and kitchen food preparation.

Product Features

  • Effective breathable membrane
  • LAB-Tested technology
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Odor Resistant
  • Protect meat from spoilage
  • Made in Europe to the highest standards
  • Is a luxurious lacquered package suitable for gifts
  • Friendly illustrated instruction booklet
  • Enjoy fully aged steaks in just 3 to 4 weeks

Kit Includes

  • 5 pcs. Dry Age Bags 8×16 in (20×40 cm)
  • 5 pcs. SealAid Strips
  • 5 pcs. Start Date Stickers
  • Illustrated instruction booklet

Get yours now and make delicious dry-aged steaks. Everything you need to make professional dry age meat is included in this kit: 5 pcs dry aging bags, 5 pcs sealing strips, 5 pcs start date stickers, and an illustrated friendly instruction booklet.

Convenient Size

The 8×16 in (20×40 cm) bags can easily hold 1-5 pound (1-5 kg) cuts of beef or other meat. You can close the bag with a vacuum sealer or immersion method (Archimedes principle). All you need is the dry aged steak kit and a kitchen sink with water.

Excellent Result

Fully age your steaks in just 3-4 weeks. The dry-age bag creates a natural bond with proteins in the meat, allowing moisture release and oxygen exchange. It’s the best way to get excellent dry aged beef.

Don’t Risk Your Steak!

Using a simple cheesecloth or dry age wraps for meat will not properly dry age your meat. Avoid disappointment and choose Artisan Meat Lab dry age bags for meat. They take away the risk of contamination and assure flawless aging.

No Vacuum Sealer Required

You can use an immersion method instead. Check the instructions in the picture. This simple step can be done in the kitchen of every home. Air pockets pose no risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I reuse the dry age bags?
  2. No, the dry age bags are designed for single-use only to ensure the highest level of safety and effectiveness.

  3. How long can I store the dry age bags?
  4. The dry age bags have a long shelf life and can be stored for up to 2 years if kept in a cool and dry place.

  5. Can I dry age other types of meat?
  6. Yes, the dry age bags can be used for aging various types of meat, including pork, lamb, and game.


With the Artisan Meat Lab dry aging bags for meat vacuum sealer, you can easily create dry age meat at home. These breathable bags are odor-resistant and protect your meat from spoilage. Made in Europe to the highest standards, they provide a safe and effective way to age your meat. Get yours now and enjoy fully aged steaks in just 3 to 4 weeks.