Feisty Pets Sir Growls-A-Lot Bear Plush

Feisty Pets Sir Growls-A-Lot Bear Plush


Feisty Pets are the latest line of fun and innovative toys from the creative minds at William Mark Corporation – the creators of air swimmers! These plush animals have a special feature that sets them apart from traditional stuffed animals. When you gently squeeze them behind the ears, their expressions change from cute to ‘feisty’. No batteries or extras necessary. These captivating and animated animals are perfect for cuddling, playing, and even pulling off hilarious pranks on friends and family.

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Meet Sir Growls-A-Lot Bear Plush


This tender teddy is only 8.5″ tall, but don’t let his size fool you. Sir Growls-A-Lot Bear Plush is ready to unleash his feisty side with just a little squeeze behind the ears. With an endearing resting face, he is perfect for cuddle time. However, his animated alter ego adds an extra element of fun for playtime and pranks. Made with high-quality polyester fibers, this plush toy is both soft and durable. Plus, the surface is washable, ensuring that Sir Growls-A-Lot Bear Plush stays clean and ready for any adventure.

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Feisty Pets offers a range of charismatic characters, including dogs, cats, monkeys, and bears. Each one has its own unique personality and feisty expression. Collect them all to create a lively and entertaining plush animal collection.

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