Femme Fatale: Famous Beauties Then and Now

Femme Fatale: Famous Beauties Then and Now

About the Book

Experience the allure of timeless beauty with ‘Femme Fatale: Famous Beauties Then and Now’ by Serge Normant. Published in 2002 by Penguin Putnam Inc, this hardcover edition is a must-have for beauty enthusiasts and history lovers alike.

Unveiling the Evolution of Beauty

Chapter 1: Ancient Icons

Travel back in time to explore the beauty secrets of ancient civilizations. From Cleopatra’s mesmerizing eyes to Nefertiti’s elegant features, this chapter delves into the enchanting allure of iconic women from the past.

Chapter 2: Renaissance Elegance

Discover the grace and sophistication of Renaissance beauties. From the mysterious smile of Mona Lisa to the radiant glow of Queen Elizabeth I, this chapter celebrates the timeless elegance that continues to inspire us today.

Chapter 3: Golden Age Glamour

Step into the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s Golden Age. From the sultry charm of Marilyn Monroe to the classic beauty of Audrey Hepburn, this chapter showcases the iconic transformations of silver screen legends.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this book suitable for all ages?

Yes, ‘Femme Fatale: Famous Beauties Then and Now’ is suitable for readers of all ages who have an interest in beauty and history.

2. Can I find beauty tips and secrets in this book?

While the book primarily focuses on the transformations of famous women, it also provides insights into their beauty routines and the evolution of beauty standards throughout history.

3. Is this book available in digital format?

Currently, ‘Femme Fatale: Famous Beauties Then and Now’ is only available in hardcover format. However, you can check with your local bookstores or online retailers for any digital versions that may become available in the future.

Experience the captivating journey of beauty through the ages with ‘Femme Fatale: Famous Beauties Then and Now’. Get your copy today and be inspired by the timeless allure of iconic women.