Grapeseed Oil – Pure Natural Grape Seed Cold Pressed 32 oz Hair Face Skin Massage Moisturizing Premium Quality

Grapeseed Oil – Pure Natural Grape Seed Cold Pressed 32 oz Hair Face Skin Massage Moisturizing Premium Quality

About Cocojojo Grape Seed Oil

Cocojojo Grape Seed Oil, made from grape seeds, is 100% pure grapeseed oil. Grapes are popular fruits, especially in winemaking regions. Since the seeds are unused during the winemaking process, there is an abundant supply of seeds to make Grapeseed Oil. The oil is obtained through cold-pressing, which allows the oil to be extracted without losing any of the nutrients. The Grapeseed Oil is unrefined, but partially filtered to remove the strong wine odor.

Natural Benefits of Grapeseed Oil

Grape Seed Oil contains high levels of omega-6 fatty acids, such as linoleic acid, that give the oil its moisturizing abilities. It also contains antioxidants, polyphenols, and Vitamin E that help improve the quality and health of skin and hair.

Moisturizing Properties

The fatty acids found in Grapeseed Oil make the oil very moisturizing, yet the oil itself is light and absorbs quickly. Use Grapeseed Oil after a shower to lock in the moisture into skin or hair.

Improving Skin Quality

Grape Seed Oil helps promote skin health, which may help with collagen and elastin levels for firmer and smoother skin. For problematic or sensitive skin, Grape Seed Oil is beneficial because of its soothing and calming effect when applied. It may also help improve uneven skin tone and reduce excess sebum on the skin.

Enhancing Hair Quality

Apply Grape Seed Oil on hair for shinier, healthier hair. Grapeseed Oil is highly moisturizing and, when applied to hair, it may help with damaged ends to keep hair soft and voluminous. Grapeseed Oil absorbs quickly, so hair will not feel heavy and greasy.

Cocojojo Grape Seed Oil is 100% pure grapeseed oil extracted through the cold-pressing method. It is unrefined and partially filtered to remove odor. Our Grape Seed Oil is Grade A, Premium Quality, and produced at the highest industry standards. Each bottle contains 32 oz of oil and is factory sealed for freshness.

Please note that the FDA does not allow any sellers to claim that any product can treat, cure, or prevent disease, or affect the structure or function of the body, including hair and skin. Therefore, we have kept this listing simple, even though this product has many benefits and is really helpful.