Hornby eLink and RailMaster Combination Pack

Hornby eLink and RailMaster Combination Pack

Using just the power of a PC to control a model railway has taken a giant leap forward this year with the introduction of the unique Hornby DCC ‘eLink’ interface unit. Working with the amazing ‘RailMaster’ software and for unleashing the full power of PC control, the Hornby ‘eLink’ is placed in between the PC and the layout. Once connected, all control of the layout is passed to the PC or laptop. It really is that simple.

Product Description

The ‘eLink’ is capable of controlling a staggering 9999 locomotives as well as in excess of 2000 points and electrical accessories, when connected to the relevant number of R8247 Point & Accessory Decoders, providing the power is available. There has never been anything like this before and it is so simple to use.

The ‘eLink’ Control Pack contains the amazing ‘RailMaster’ software, the ‘eLink’ interface unit, and a 1 amp transformer. Once ‘RailMaster’ is loaded into the computer and with the ‘eLink’ connected in between the layout and the computer, the full force of Hornby DCC is ready to take control. All the locomotive and accessory programming can be completed on a conventional Programming Track using ‘RailMaster’ working in conjunction with the PC, while all other operations can be effected while the locomotives are on the layout.

The ‘eLink’ unit may be placed on or near the layout, although there are fixings so that the unit can be concealed if desired. RailMaster is available as a stand-alone product, for use with the Hornby Elite unit.

Safety notice: Not suitable for children under 14 years. Only use this product with the recommended transformer. Colours and contents may vary from those illustrated. Made in China.

Hornby is a household name and is famous as the UK brand leader in the model railway hobby. The company’s founder was Frank Hornby who applied for a patent in 1901 to protect an invention he called ‘Improvements in Toy or Educational Devices for Children and Young People’.

Set Contains:

  • 1x Combination Pack

Key Features:

  • Control up to 9999 locomotives
  • Pass control to PC or laptop
  • Concealable ‘eLink’ unit
  • Made in China
  • Not suitable for children under 14 years
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Can I control multiple layouts with the ‘eLink’?
  2. No, the ‘eLink’ can only control one layout at a time.

  3. Is the ‘eLink’ compatible with other DCC systems?
  4. No, the ‘eLink’ is specifically designed for use with Hornby DCC systems.

  5. Can I use the ‘eLink’ with my existing Hornby locomotives?
  6. Yes, the ‘eLink’ is compatible with all Hornby locomotives.


The Hornby eLink and RailMaster Combination Pack is a revolutionary product that allows you to control your model railway with ease using your PC. With the ability to control up to 9999 locomotives and 2000 points and accessories, this pack offers unparalleled power and convenience. Made in China, this product is not suitable for children under 14 years. Experience the full force of Hornby DCC and take your model railway hobby to new heights with the Hornby eLink and RailMaster Combination Pack.