Kampa Dometic Footprint – Rally 200

Kampa Dometic Footprint – Rally 200


Welcome to our article on the Kampa Dometic Footprint – Rally 200. If you’re an avid camper, this innovative accessory is a game-changer for your camping adventures. Designed to perfectly fit the Rally 200 awning, this footprint offers numerous benefits that will enhance your camping experience.

Main Features

1. Durable Material

The Kampa Dometic Footprint – Rally 200 is made from high-quality, durable material that ensures long-lasting performance. It provides excellent protection against rough terrains, preventing tears and damage to your awning.

2. Easy Setup

Setting up the footprint is a breeze. Simply lay it down on the ground, aligning it with your Rally 200 awning, and secure it with the included pegs. Within minutes, you’ll have a sturdy and reliable base for your awning.

3. Added Insulation

With the Kampa Dometic Footprint – Rally 200, you’ll enjoy enhanced insulation inside your awning. The footprint acts as an additional layer of protection, keeping the interior cooler in hot weather and warmer during colder nights.

4. Easy to Clean

Accidental spills or dirt on the footprint are no longer a hassle. Simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth or hose it down for a thorough cleaning. The material is resistant to stains and easy to maintain, ensuring a hassle-free camping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Kampa Dometic Footprint – Rally 200 compatible with other awning models?

A: No, the footprint is specifically designed to fit the Rally 200 awning and may not be suitable for other models. It is recommended to check the compatibility before purchasing.

Q: Can the footprint be used on uneven ground?

A: Yes, the durable material of the footprint allows it to be used on various terrains, including uneven ground. However, it is important to ensure proper pegging for stability.

Q: Does the footprint come with a storage bag?

A: Yes, the Kampa Dometic Footprint – Rally 200 comes with a convenient storage bag for easy transportation and storage when not in use.

Q: Can the footprint be used without the Rally 200 awning?

A: While it is possible to use the footprint without the Rally 200 awning, it is specifically designed to complement and enhance the performance of the awning. It is recommended to use them together for optimal results.

In conclusion, the Kampa Dometic Footprint – Rally 200 is a must-have accessory for any camping enthusiast. Its durable material, easy setup, added insulation, and easy cleaning make it a valuable addition to your camping gear. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your camping experience with this innovative product.