Kinder Valley White Waffle Palm Moses Basket with Folding Stand

Kinder Valley White Waffle Palm Moses Basket with Folding Stand


The Kinder Valley White Waffle Palm Moses Basket with Folding Stand is the perfect starter bed for your little one. Suitable from newborn, it offers comfort, safety, and convenience. The bedding and padded quilt are made from our luxury 100% cotton waffle fabric, providing a soft and cozy sleeping environment. The adjustable hood allows you to create a snug space for your precious baby, while the water-resistant and breathable mattress ensures a peaceful night’s sleep. With the included Opal Folding Stand, you can easily set up and transport the Moses basket wherever you go.

Main Features

  • Suitable from newborn
  • 100% cotton waffle fabric bedding
  • Soft full body surround for added protection and comfort
  • Adjustable hood for a cozy sleeping space
  • Water-resistant and breathable mattress
  • Machine washable bedding and mattress cover
  • Opal Folding Stand for safe and secure placement
  • Easy assembly and transportation
  • Conforms to all necessary British Standards

Child’s Safety First

This Kinder Valley Palm Moses Basket with folding stand conforms to all necessary British Standards. It is suitable for overnight sleeping and recommended by health professionals for the first 6 months. Your baby’s safety is our top priority, and this product has been quality checked to our Gold standard.

The Complete Package

This Kinder Valley Palm Moses Basket bundle includes everything you need for your little one’s bed. It comes with a Palm Moses Basket, fibre mattress, padded liner, adjustable hood, padded quilt, and an Opal Folding Stand. The bedding set is made from 100% cotton waffle fabric, ensuring comfort and style. The mattress cover is water-resistant, breathable, and machine washable for easy maintenance.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

We offer a complete manufacturer’s warranty for 6 months from the date of purchase. This warranty covers the intended usage period of the product and ensures its durability. Please keep the original receipt as proof of purchase. The warranty even covers scratches, nicks, and tears reported within the first 14 days of receiving the product.

Easy to Assemble

The Palm Moses Basket comes with a detailed care manual and all the required bedding for a safe and sound night’s sleep. The adjustable hood can be easily tightened using the fasteners on either side. The Opal Folding Stand comes with a complete tool kit and instruction manual for quick and easy assembly. It also has plastic straps to keep your Moses Basket secure.

Industry Experts

Kinder Valley is one of the most trusted international brands with over thirty years of experience in the field. We understand the importance of our customers and strive to deliver the best possible products at affordable prices. Our rigorous testing procedures and carefully selected materials ensure your safety and comfort. We are dedicated to product innovation and are proud to be a market leader.