MediChoice Exam Gowns – Comfortable and Convenient

MediChoice Exam Gowns – Comfortable and Convenient


When it comes to medical examinations, comfort and convenience are of utmost importance. That’s why the MediChoice Exam Gowns are the perfect choice for healthcare professionals and patients alike. These gowns are designed with the user in mind, offering a range of features that ensure a comfortable and hassle-free experience.

Main Features

Reversible Front and Back Opening

The MediChoice Exam Gowns feature a unique reversible design, allowing for easy access from both the front and back. This eliminates the need for patients to turn around or readjust the gown during examinations, saving time and ensuring privacy.

Stretchable Waist Tie

With a stretchable waist tie, these gowns provide a universal fit for patients of all sizes. The waist tie can be easily adjusted to ensure a secure and comfortable fit, allowing for freedom of movement during examinations.

Knee-Length Cuff

The knee-length cuff of the MediChoice Exam Gowns offers added coverage and protection. It prevents the gown from riding up during movement, ensuring that patients feel secure and confident throughout their examination.

Tissue/Poly/Tissue Material

Constructed with a tissue/poly/tissue material, these gowns are both soft and durable. The combination of materials provides a comfortable feel against the skin, while also offering resistance to fluids and stains.

Universal Size and Blue Color

The MediChoice Exam Gowns come in a universal size, ensuring a proper fit for all patients. Additionally, the blue color adds a touch of professionalism to any medical setting, creating a sense of trust and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the MediChoice Exam Gowns disposable?

A: Yes, these gowns are disposable, making them hygienic and convenient for single-use purposes.

Q: Can the waist tie be adjusted for a tighter or looser fit?

A: Absolutely! The stretchable waist tie allows for easy adjustment, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for every patient.

Q: Are the gowns resistant to fluids and stains?

A: Yes, the tissue/poly/tissue material used in these gowns provides resistance to fluids and stains, ensuring durability and cleanliness.

Q: Do the gowns come in different colors?

A: Currently, the MediChoice Exam Gowns are available in a professional blue color, which is widely recognized in medical settings.

Q: How many gowns are included in a case?

A: Each case of MediChoice Exam Gowns contains 50 gowns, providing healthcare professionals with an ample supply for their needs.

In conclusion, the MediChoice Exam Gowns are the ideal choice for healthcare professionals seeking comfort, convenience, and reliability. With their reversible front and back opening, stretchable waist tie, knee-length cuff, and tissue/poly/tissue material, these gowns offer a universal fit and durability. The blue color adds a touch of professionalism to any medical setting, while the disposable nature ensures hygiene and convenience. Choose the MediChoice Exam Gowns for a superior examination experience.