MediChoice Protective Gowns – Product Description

MediChoice Protective Gowns


Welcome to our article on the MediChoice Protective Gowns. These gowns are designed to provide optimal protection and comfort in various medical settings. With an open back, thumb loop cuff, and made of high-quality polyethylene material, these gowns ensure safety and ease of use for healthcare professionals.

Main Features

Open Back Design

The open back design of these gowns allows for easy wearing and removal. It provides healthcare professionals with convenience during procedures, ensuring quick and efficient gown changes when necessary.

Thumb Loop Cuff

The thumb loop cuff feature ensures a secure fit and prevents the sleeves from riding up during movement. This added functionality enhances the overall protection provided by the gown, reducing the risk of exposure to contaminants.

Polyethylene Material

The gowns are made of high-quality polyethylene material, which offers excellent resistance to fluids and chemicals. This durable material provides a reliable barrier against potential hazards, ensuring the safety of both the wearer and the patient.

Universal Size

The MediChoice Protective Gowns are available in a universal size, making them suitable for a wide range of healthcare professionals. The adjustable fit accommodates various body types, ensuring comfort and unrestricted movement during procedures.

Vibrant Blue Color

The gowns come in a vibrant blue color, adding a touch of style to the medical environment. The color also enhances visibility, allowing for easy identification of healthcare professionals in busy healthcare settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these gowns disposable?

Yes, the MediChoice Protective Gowns are disposable. They are designed for single-use to maintain hygiene standards and prevent cross-contamination.

2. Can these gowns be used in surgical settings?

While these gowns provide excellent protection, they are primarily designed for general medical procedures. For surgical settings, it is recommended to use gowns specifically designed for surgical use.

3. Are these gowns latex-free?

Yes, these gowns are latex-free, reducing the risk of allergic reactions for both healthcare professionals and patients.

4. Can these gowns be adjusted for a better fit?

Yes, the MediChoice Protective Gowns have an adjustable fit to accommodate various body types. The open back design and thumb loop cuff allow for easy adjustments to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

5. How many gowns are included in a box?

Each box of MediChoice Protective Gowns contains 15 gowns, providing an ample supply for medical facilities and healthcare professionals.

Thank you for reading our article on the MediChoice Protective Gowns. These gowns offer a combination of comfort, protection, and convenience for healthcare professionals. With their open back design, thumb loop cuff, and high-quality polyethylene material, they are an excellent choice for various medical procedures. Stay safe and protected with MediChoice!