Nassboards Shower Niche – Tileable Shelf, Wet Room Alcove Recess, Waterproof Storage

Nassboards Shower Niche – Tileable Shelf, Wet Room Alcove Recess, Waterproof Storage

Renovate your shower with the Nassboards Shower Niche. This durable and waterproof shelf is easy to install and perfect for adding extra space to your bathroom. Made of XPS foam, it is built to last. Choose from different sizes to fit your shower or wet room.

Easy Installation for Home Improvement, Bathroom Renovation

Whether you’re building your own bathroom from scratch or want to renovate your current bathroom, the Nassboards Shower Niche is the perfect solution. It comes pre-built and ready to tile, making installation a breeze. The included waterproof tape ensures a watertight and vapor-proof seal. This niche is light enough for solo installation but tough enough to hold heavy tiling.

Made of Durable Materials

The Nassboards Shower Niche is built tough for the job. It is made of extruded polystyrene core coated on either side with a thin robust layer of fiberglass, reinforced polymer concrete, and coated with waterproof membrane paint. This ensures its durability and ability to withstand the elements in any shower or wet room. The 12mm thick board fits wall cavities 100mm or deeper, and you can tile over it with porcelain, stone, or mosaic to achieve your desired style.

Size Options

Choose from different sizes of the Nassboards Shower Niche to fit your specific shower or wet room dimensions. Each niche is made with a 12mm thick board, making it durable yet lightweight and easy to handle. The total depth of the niche is 100mm, and it will fit wall cavities at least 100mm deep. The frame bordering around the edge is 40mm wide. Please note that all measurements reflect the internal sizes of the shelf.

XPS Foam

The Nassboards Shower Niche is made from strong and durable 100% waterproof and leak-proof XPS Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Foam material. Unlike many other low-quality products, this niche will not bend or break under normal use. It is designed to last for many years when properly installed. With Nassboards, you can trust in professional quality and satisfaction every time.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Can I install the Nassboards Shower Niche by myself?
  • A: Yes, the niche is light enough for solo installation.
  • Q: What are the dimensions of the niche?
  • A: The niche is available in different sizes, with a 12mm thick board and a total depth of 100mm.
  • Q: Is the niche waterproof?
  • A: Yes, it is made of waterproof materials and comes with waterproof tape for a watertight seal.

In conclusion, the Nassboards Shower Niche is the perfect addition to your shower or wet room. It provides stylish and durable shelf space for your toiletries and bathroom products. With easy installation, durable materials, and different size options, this niche is a must-have for any bathroom renovation or home improvement project. Trust in the quality and satisfaction guaranteed by Nassboards.