Petoi Robot Dog Bittle X – Product Description

Petoi Robot Dog Bittle X

Realistic robot dog construction kit with lots of fun plays:

  • World’s First Palm-sized Voice-controlled Quadruped Robot Dog
  • Perfect for STEM & robotics education
  • 1 hour of playtime

Have your very own programmable robot pet navigate with life-like movements and perform tricks with the remote control, the mobile app, your voice commands, or your codes. Bittle X can respond to voice commands, performing over 35 predefined actions such as sit, play dead, and backflip with high-performance, lifelike movements. You can program up to 10 customized voice commands via C++.

Build Your Own Legged Robot

Bittle X offers an excellent and challenging hands-on learning opportunity to assemble your own robot with 3D puzzle parts. It’s a great way to enhance your problem-solving abilities and develop your motor, physics, and engineering skills.

Coding / STEAM / STEM / Robotics Learning

With Bittle X, you can build and program your legged robot to perform new skills and tricks. Start with Petoi Coding Blocks, which is a Scratch-like block-based coding platform. Then, advance to Arduino IDE and C++/Python to explore more complex programming concepts. Additionally, you can easily design new robot skills with the Petoi Desktop App. Free quadruped robotics curricular in C++ & Petoi Coding Blocks are available to help you get started.

Program AI Tasks

Take your robot’s capabilities to the next level by programming it to see, listen, sense the surrounding environment, and navigate the world. You can achieve this by using the optional intelligent camera module or other Arduino compatible sensors and modules.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can Bittle X be controlled using a mobile app?
  2. Yes, Bittle X can be controlled using a mobile app.

  3. What programming languages can be used with Bittle X?
  4. Bittle X supports C++, Python, and Petoi Coding Blocks.

  5. Is the assembly of Bittle X difficult?
  6. While the assembly of Bittle X is challenging, it provides a great learning experience.


The Petoi Robot Dog Bittle X is an innovative and educational toy that offers endless possibilities for learning and fun. With its realistic movements, programmable features, and the ability to perform tricks, Bittle X is the perfect companion for STEM and coding enthusiasts of all ages.