PicoScope 2204A – PicoScope 10 MHz, 2-Channel Oscilloscope with Probes

PicoScope 2204A – PicoScope 10 MHz, 2-Channel Oscilloscope with Probes

Your complete test & measurement laboratory

You can use your PicoScope 2000 Series as an advanced oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, and protocol decoder out of the box. Mixed signal models also add a 16-channel logic analyzer. A complete electronics lab in one compact, low-cost, USB-powered unit.

High-end oscilloscope

At the heart of every PicoScope 2000 is an advanced oscilloscope which offers everything you would expect and much more besides:

  • 10,000 waveform circular buffer
  • Up to 80,000 waveforms per second update rate
  • Mask limit testing
  • Advanced math & filtering
  • Measurements with statistics
  • Advanced digital triggering
  • Resolution enhancement to 12 bits

PicoScope 2200A Series

Powerful, portable, and versatile

The PicoScope 2200A Series oscilloscopes offer a small, light, modern alternative to bulky benchtop devices. You can now fit a 200 MHz, 1 GS/s instrument easily in your laptop bag or even in your pocket! They are perfect for engineers on the move; ideal for a wide range of applications including design, test, education, service, monitoring, fault finding, and repair.

A small form factor is not the only benefit of these PC-based scopes. With our PicoScope 6 software, high-end features such as serial decoding and mask limit testing are included as standard. New functionality is regularly delivered through free upgrades.

Fast Sampling

The PicoScope 2204A offers a 2-channel 10 MHz, 8-bit oscilloscope with probes. It has a 10 MHz bandwidth and a 1 GS/s sampling rate. With advanced digital triggers and an arbitrary waveform generator, this oscilloscope is perfect for various applications.