ROXANT Blackbird Compact Spotting Scope – High Definition BAK4 Scope with Zoom

ROXANT Blackbird Compact Spotting Scope

High Definition BAK4 Scope with Zoom

Understanding Optics 101

Most newbies figure more powerful is better. When it comes to spotting scopes, more power is not necessarily better. Why? The larger the magnification, the more jitter, color distortion, and loss of definition you will have. Better optics are the key.

FACT: Although you may find similar scopes that advertise much higher magnifications, many of these claims are pointless. Magnification without definition is useless. Look for the best quality prisms and fully multi-coated lenses.

Look for:

  • Retractable eyepiece (not fold down): for use with and without glasses
  • Expandable sunshade for reducing sun glare

It’s not a common feature, but something you’ll wish you had. Some brands may look similar, but you’ll also find that these less expensive scopes use plastic connectors instead of metal. This becomes important when attaching your scope to a tripod. Plastic becomes stripped over time. Metal will last.

The Blackbird: Precision and Durability

The Blackbird features precision, premium military-grade optics in a compact, very usable weatherproof scope. If you’ve tried our Grip Scope, then you’re familiar with our commitment to quality. Whether you enjoy the outdoors or you’re involved with law enforcement or surveillance, this scope delivers.

The compact, durable scope is versatile, convenient, and extremely usable. You’ll enjoy crisp, pure color viewing with true 12-36×50 zoom magnification. Our fully multi-coated lens and high-grade BAK4 prism guarantee super light transmission and brightness. A large 50mm objective lens allows an optimal bright, clear view.

The 45-degree angled eyepiece is essential for comfortable viewing, unlike scopes with straight eyepieces which can be inconvenient for most viewing situations. For performance and value, the Blackbird is hard to beat.

  • Field of view: 52-26M / 1000M
  • Dimensions: 232x135x78 mm
  • Exit pupil diameter: 4.1-1.4mm

Features of the ROXANT Spotting Scope

The ROXANT spotting scope comes outfitted with high definition and military-grade features. Optical glass with a BAK4 prism and fully multi-coated all-glass lens allows for sophisticated light transmission and brightness for crystal clear viewing.

Our handcrafted ROXANT spotting scope features non-slip armored construction and a smooth-glide, textured focus ring on the main barrel. The molded grip of this military scope makes it the perfect tool for hunting, viewing wildlife, and watching sports.

Lightweight and magnifies to 12x and 36x without losing definition and clarity. It has an extendable sunshade on the main sighting scope barrel to reduce glare. The spotting scope also features a 45-degree angled eyepiece that makes viewing more comfortable and extends and retracts to accommodate eyeglasses.

The spotting scope comes with a spotting scope tripod and handle that folds up neatly and packs away discreetly. The large objective lens transmits light for a bright wide view.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the spotting scope with glasses?

Yes, the retractable eyepiece allows for use with and without glasses.

2. Is the spotting scope weatherproof?

Yes, the compact scope is weatherproof and can withstand various outdoor conditions.

3. What is the field of view?

The field of view is 52-26M / 1000M, providing a wide viewing range.

4. Does the spotting scope come with a carrying case?

Yes, the spotting scope includes a carrying case for easy transportation and storage.

Experience the ROXANT Blackbird Compact Spotting Scope – the perfect companion for outdoor adventures, law enforcement, and surveillance. With its high definition BAK4 scope and zoom capabilities, you’ll enjoy crystal clear viewing in any situation.