SHIMA SX-2 BROWN – Vintage Retro Italian Sneaker Urban City Motorcycle Boots


Vintage Retro Italian Sneaker Urban City Motorcycle Boots


Combining urban flair and solid protection, the SX-2 sneakers are designed to satisfy even the most demanding of motorcyclists. With its vintage retro Italian design, these sneakers are not only stylish but also provide superior foot safety features.

Main Features

  • Hardened toes and heels areas for enhanced foot protection
  • PORON XRD impact absorbers to minimize the impact of strikes
  • Stiffened layer covering the toes and heel for added protection
  • Stiff TPU protector for ankle coverage
  • High-quality sole for excellent grip and comfort during rides
  • Crosswise reinforcement to protect against foot crushing
  • Perforated suede construction for maximum breathability
  • Optimal air exchange through strategically designed holes
  • Red shoelace hole for ankle stabilization
  • Lower shoelace hole for greater freedom of movement

Product Details

The SHIMA SX-2 BROWN sneakers come with a 2-year warranty, ensuring the durability and quality of the product. The hardened toes and heels areas provide significant protection to these parts of the foot, while the innovative PORON XRD material absorbs the impact of strikes, minimizing the risk of injuries.

The ankle is covered with a stiff TPU protector, offering additional support and protection. The high-quality sole not only provides a good grip but also protects the foot against crushing with its crosswise reinforcement.

The perforated suede used in the construction of these sneakers ensures maximum breathability and comfort. The strategically designed holes allow optimal air exchange, keeping your feet cool and dry even during long rides.

To ensure the optimum level of ankle stabilization, thread the shoelace through the red shoelace hole and tie the shoe up. This feature is especially important for stability during motorcycle rides. However, after getting off the motorcycle, the shoes can be tied up by threading the shoelace through the lower shoelace hole, providing greater freedom of movement.


The SHIMA SX-2 BROWN sneakers are the perfect choice for urban city motorcycle enthusiasts. With their vintage retro Italian design, superior foot safety features, and maximum breathability, these sneakers offer both style and functionality. Whether you’re on or off your bike, the SX-2 will keep you comfortable and protected.