Scruffs Men’s Ripstop Trousers Twin Pack Work Utility Pants

Scruffs Men’s Ripstop Trousers Twin Pack Work Utility Pants


The Scruffs Ripstop TWIN PACK Trade Work Trousers with Multiple & Knee Pad Pockets are designed to provide comfort and durability for any job. Made from a unique and durable Ripstop polyester fabric, these trousers are lighter in weight compared to traditional work trousers, but they don’t compromise on strength. With additional features such as bottom loading Cordura fabric knee pad pockets, holster pockets with secure zip fastening, and a cargo pocket, these trousers are perfect for any tradesperson.

Main Features

Ripstop Technology

The Ripstop technology used in these trousers ensures superior anti-rip strength. The polyester fabric is designed to prevent tears and rips, making these trousers long-lasting and durable.

Holster Pockets with Secure Zip Fastening

The trousers come with holster pockets that have a secure zip fastening. This allows you to keep your tools and accessories safe and easily accessible while you work.

Cordura-Fabric Bottom-Loading Knee Pad Pockets

For added comfort and protection, these trousers feature Cordura fabric bottom-loading knee pad pockets. This allows you to insert knee pads for extra support during tasks that require kneeling.

Ruler Pocket and Cargo Pocket

With a ruler pocket and cargo pocket, these trousers provide ample storage space for your tools and equipment. The cargo pocket is perfect for carrying larger items, while the ruler pocket keeps your measuring tools within reach.

Hammer Loop and D-Ring

For easy access to your hammer, these trousers come with a hammer loop and D-ring. This ensures that your hammer is always within reach, allowing you to work efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these trousers suitable for heavy-duty work?

Yes, these trousers are designed to withstand heavy-duty work. The Ripstop technology and durable fabric make them ideal for tough jobs.

Do these trousers come in different sizes?

Yes, these trousers are available in sizes ranging from 28″ to 40″ waist and 30″ to 34″ leg. This ensures a comfortable fit for all individuals.

Can I insert knee pads into these trousers?

Yes, these trousers have bottom-loading knee pad pockets made from Cordura fabric. You can easily insert knee pads for added comfort and protection.

Are the holster pockets secure?

Yes, the holster pockets have a secure zip fastening, ensuring that your tools and accessories are safe and won’t fall out while you work.


The Scruffs Ripstop TWIN PACK Trade Work Trousers with Multiple & Knee Pad Pockets are the perfect choice for any tradesperson. With their unique and durable Ripstop technology, comfortable fit, and additional features such as holster pockets, knee pad pockets, and a cargo pocket, these trousers provide both functionality and style. Whether you’re working in extreme hot, cold, wet, or dry conditions, these trousers will keep you comfortable and protected. Choose Scruffs Workwear and look good while getting dirty!