Shine Basic Pilates Reformer Mat – Extra Thin Material, Sweat Absorbing and Anti-Slip for Body Balance – Workout Cover Towels, Gym Studio Accessories, Professional Mats Equipment

Better Equipment for Better Body Performance

Lightweight, Portable, and Hygienic Pilates Reformer Mat

Train insane or remain the same! Make working out your favorite self-care routine and get yourself a Pilates reformer mat made to care for yourself. Our Shine Basic Pilates Reformer Mat is made of natural rubber material with a sweat-absorbent microfiber surface that makes training comfortable!

Workout sessions will never be the same again with our Pilates mat thoughtfully designed to support your active lifestyle! It’s lightweight and foldable, so you can just easily store it in its easy-to-carry net bag for easy and accessible use during training.

Versatile Compatibility for Every User

Forget old, flimsy, and slippery mats and switch to our extra-thin Pilates mat! It fits Body Allegro 2 and Stott Pilates reformers and measures 38.1″ x 22″ with a head length of 12.2″ and 0.04″ thickness.

Its natural rubber helps promote anti-slip properties to offer you superior grip and body balance when working out, so you can forget about accidental slips! After your workout, the durable and anti-slip material can be easily washed and clean for an effortless hygiene solution!

A Great Addition to Your Workout Essentials

Do more with your workout sessions, finish your training every day and come back stronger than before! Get the ideal addition to your arsenal of Pilates reformer accessories with our Pilates mat that’s excellent for your Pilates studio, home gym, workout room, and more! It’s ideally crafted for both men and women, helping them achieve a better and healthier body!

Enhance your body performance and train to a healthier version of yourself! Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and start working out with determination and confidence in both your mind and equipment.

Product Details:

  • Easy Fit Pilates Reformer Mat: Make working out more comfortable! This mat fits Balance Body Allegro 2 and Stott Pilates reformers. It measures 31.8″ x 22″ with a head length of 12.2″ and 0.04″ thickness.
  • Anti-Slip Material: Increase your body strength and add this mat to your Pilates reformer accessories. Made of natural rubber for an anti-slip body balance, so you can do more with your Pilates sessions.
  • Compact and Extra Thin Mat: Lightweight, foldable, portable, and hygienic. This Pilates towel has an easy wash material and comes in a 12.9″ x 7.4″ easy-to-carry net bag for convenient storage.
  • Your New Workout Companion: Finish your gym sessions every day with this Pilates reformer towel! Specially designed with sweat absorbing microfiber material for maximum comfort and convenience when training.
  • Pilates Studio Equipment: Ideal for your Pilates studio, home gym, workout room, and more! Improve your workout space, Click ‘Add to Cart’ now and get a reformer mat made for both men and women!