SmallRig V Mount Battery Adapter Plate – Product Description

SmallRig V Mount Battery Adapter Plate

Enhance Your Camera Equipment with Extended Battery Life

The SmallRig V Mount Battery Adapter Plate 3203 is designed to provide longer battery life for your camera equipment through V-mount batteries. With this adapter plate, you can capture more footage without worrying about running out of power. It is compatible with the BMPCC 4K, BMPCC 6K, and BMPCC 6K Pro, as well as other mirrorless DSLR cameras.

High Customization for Your Specific Needs

This V mount battery adapter plate offers high customization options to meet your specific requirements. It utilizes the standard V-port structure, making it suitable for most V mount batteries available in the market. Whether you use Sony, Canon, or other DSLR cameras, this adapter plate will seamlessly integrate with your equipment.

Multiple Output Ports for Versatile Power Supply

The SmallRig V Mount Battery Adapter Plate features 8V/12V/14.2V D-Tap output ports, allowing you to power various accessories such as monitors, lights, and wireless transmitters. Additionally, it includes a 5V 2A USB output port for charging your mobile devices on the go.

Secure Mounting with 15 mm Rod Clamp

To ensure a secure and stable connection, this battery adapter plate comes with a 15 mm rod clamp. The rod clamp can be easily attached to your camera rig, providing a reliable mounting solution for the V mount battery adapter plate.


The SmallRig V Mount Battery Adapter Plate 3203 is a versatile and essential accessory for filmmakers and photographers who require extended battery life for their camera equipment. With its high customization options, multiple output ports, and secure mounting, this adapter plate offers convenience and reliability in one compact package. Upgrade your camera gear with the SmallRig V Mount Battery Adapter Plate and never miss a moment.