imsid Handwoven Jute Square Rug – Natural Fibres, Braided Reversible Carpet

imsid Handwoven Jute Square Rug


Welcome to the world of imsid Handwoven Jute Square Rug! This unique and eco-friendly rug is crafted with natural fibres, offering a touch of elegance and sustainability to your home decor. With its braided reversible design, it adds versatility and style to any room. Let’s explore the features and benefits of this beautiful carpet.

Main Title: Natural Fibres for a Sustainable Choice

imsid Handwoven Jute Square Rug is made from 100% natural jute fibres. Jute is a highly sustainable material as it is derived from the jute plant, which requires minimal water and pesticides to grow. By choosing this rug, you contribute to a greener environment and support eco-friendly practices.

Main Title: Braided Reversible Design

The braided reversible design of this rug adds a unique touch to your space. You can easily change the look of your room by flipping the rug over. The braided pattern enhances the texture and visual appeal, making it a focal point in any setting. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary style, this rug complements various interior designs.

Main Title: Versatile Placement Options

imsid Handwoven Jute Square Rug is suitable for various rooms in your home. Place it in your bedroom to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. In the living room, it adds a natural and earthy element to your seating area. You can also use it in the dining room to define the space and protect your flooring. Its versatility allows you to experiment with different placements and arrangements.

Main Title: Elegant Black Color

This particular imsid Handwoven Jute Square Rug comes in a stylish black color. Black is a timeless and sophisticated choice that complements any color scheme. It adds depth and contrast to light-colored rooms, while seamlessly blending with darker interiors. The black hue of this rug enhances its overall aesthetic appeal.

Main Title: Size and Dimensions

The imsid Handwoven Jute Square Rug measures 5X7 feet, providing ample coverage for your desired area. Its rectangular shape fits well in most room layouts and accommodates furniture placement. Whether you have a small or large space, this rug offers the perfect size to enhance your decor.


Experience the beauty and sustainability of imsid Handwoven Jute Square Rug. With its natural fibres, braided reversible design, and elegant black color, this rug is a versatile and eco-friendly addition to your home. Transform your bedroom, living room, or dining room with this stylish and durable carpet. Choose imsid for a touch of elegance and a commitment to the environment.